Sales Order General Fields

Sales Order #

System generated identifier for sales order

Create Date

Timestamp of when sales order was created in CommerceJet

Trading Partner

This field defines which order channel and/or retailer is being generated for


Defines current status of sales order. For more information click here


This field defines the type of order such as Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), or Direct Import (DI)

Shipping Carrier

Shipment Carrier such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, etc

Shipping Carrier Method

Type of carrier method for the defined carrier such as UPS Ground.

Purchase order number

Purchase Order number is the number provided by the trading partner

Other TP number

An alternate order number provided by the trading partner

Customer order number

An order number tied back to the customer

Trading Partner create date

Date when the trading partner created the order

Promised delivery date

Date defined when the sales order should be delivered

Requested ship date

Date requested by trading partner to ship sales order

Sales Order Customer Information Fields

Shipping address

Address where sales order will be shipped

Billing address

Address where billing details originate


Name of customer (billing & shipping)


Name of company (billing & shipping)


Country name (billing & shipping)

Address 1

Address Line 1 for billing & shipping

Address 2

Address Line 2 for billing & shipping


Name of city for billing & shipping


Name of state for billing & shipping

Zip Code

Name of postal code for billing & shipping


Customer email address for billing & shipping


Customer phone number for billing & shipping

Sales Order Product Fields

Line number

The line number is used to signify in which order that the product is listed on the sales order

Item #

System generated item number


Stock keeping unit

Product Name

Full name of product


Quantity of product ordered in the sales order


Price of the product that will reflect on the invoice

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