To create a purchase order:

1. Go to Purchase orders from the menu.

2. Click Add new.

3. Fill up the needed information (warehouse, origin and destination port, vendor, dates, size, payment terms, lot, charges).

4. Click Submit. Then you will be on the Purchase order page

5. Next step is to add products. In the Products section of the Purchase order page, click Add.

6. Select the product, and input the price and quantity. Then click Submit.

7. You'll be back on the Purchase order page. You can now click Mark As Active.

8. The option to mark it as in transit will be available. Click Mark In transit.

9. Next step is to create a receipt. In the Receipts section of the Purchase order page, click Create.

10. Select the Staging location, Freight, put notes, select the condition of the product, edit the quantity, then click Save.

After creating a receipt, you can review the details by clicking the arrow button in a blue circle on the Receipts section of the page.

You can also view the details of the receipts by going to the Inventory from the menu. Click Receipts, choose the purchase order, and click View.

11. Click Finalize.

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