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How do I create a sales order?
How do I create a sales order?
Written by Matt Ford
Updated over a week ago

Start first by clicking the Sales Order module on the left column.


Once in the Sales Order module, at the top right, select Add new.


Once Add new has been selected, a sales order form will be generated. Be sure to include the minimum required fields which will be marked with an asterisk (*).


After clicking Submit, the sales order will be created in the Pending Approval status.

- you can learn more about the sales order statuses here.

When the status is approved, you can create a Pick list for it.

To manually approve the status of your sales order:

From the Sales Orders page, choose the sales order and click View.

On the Products section, click "Add Product". Select the product you want to add, put the quantity, then click Submit.

After adding products to your sales order, you will now have an option to approve the sales order by clicking the Approve button.

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